What is Blind Football?

What is Blind Football?

The most obvious thing about blindfootball would appear to be that the ball needs to find the net and the team with the most goals wins at the end. However, other typical “football facts” cannot be applied to this sport as easily.

First of all, Blindfootball has significantly smaller numbers than “normal” football, 4 blind players per team are chasing the ball, while a seeing team mate tries to save the ball in time. The goal is as big as a (field) hockey goal – which does not necessarily make the goalies job easier, since his penalty box is only 8 meters squared. The pitch itself has a size of 40 x 20 meters and is engulfed by a barrier along the sides, as this aids the players with their orientation and safety.

During a half, the clock is stopped every time there is a break in the action. The actual play time is 20 minutes, but depending on the amount of fouls, timeouts and substitutions, it can take up to 40 minutes till half time.

A lot more interesting than the data and facts is how the blind football players interact. In-order for them to follow the path of the rolling ball, it contains small rattles, which allow for a game based solemnly only hearing. Every player is obligated to call out the internationally used word VOY, when he is closing in on the player in possession of the ball, this avoids collisions. Voy is Spanish and means “I’m coming”.

The coach is an essential figure in this sport, unlike in many other ones. Here his calls and advice from the sideline allow him to co-ordinate the team and gives the players an idea of what is happening around them. Additionally, the guide behind the opponents goal, aids the strikers in their attack. The seeing goalkeeper gives useful advice to his defense.

Abbildung: Wie die blinden Fußballer im Spiel interagieren