England – Spain 3:4 on PKs (2:2, 2:0)
Goals: Turnham (1.) Seal (23.) Acosta (34.), English ET (40.)

It was the British again who got off to a fantastic start in this first semi-final of the Blind football European Championship in Berlin. Coach Jon Pugh’s team took the 1-0 lead in the first minute of action on Roy Turnham’s goal. The fans saw a physical match with lots of fouls in the first half. However, Spain could not capitalize on England’s five team fouls early on by gaining that much needed 8-meter penalty kick. When referees Francois and Kimyon blew the halftime whistle, the score was still favoring England at 1-0.

Only three minutes into the second half, Keryn Seal extended the lead to 2-0 on his most beautiful goal of the tournament thus far. England backed off a bit and tried to secure the score with physical, defensive play. Spain gained more and more confidence using the newfound space. In the 34th minute, they converted that confidence into tangible reward when Acosta scored to close the gap to 2-1 – marking the first goal conceded by England over the course of the entire tournament. The game seemed decided with 20 seconds to go and England in possession; then the unthinkable happened: with no pressure on him and the ball rolling slowly towards his own goal, England’s captain Daniel English took a touch and passed the ball unstoppably right passed his goalie into the bottom right corner – own goal.

In the following penalty shoot-out, the Spanish kept their nerve and advanced to the final after converting their PKs on a great save by goalkeeper Pedro Gutierrez.

England: Dylan Malpas, Keryn Seal, Robin Williams, Roy Turnham, Nathan Edge, Owen Cambridge, Dan English, Brandon Colemar, Darren Harris, Dan James, Trainer/Guide: Jonathan Pugh, Adam Bendall

Spain: Pedro Gutierrez, Javier Muñoz, Ivan Lopez, José Luis Giera, Youssef El Hadaoui, Sergio Rodríguez, Moises Gunzalez, Adolfo Acosta, Antonio Martin, Sergio Alamar, Trainer: Miguel Ángel Becerra