Russia – Belgium 2:0
Goals: Ivanov (2.), Egorov (26.)

Russia stunned Belgium with a quick goal in the second minute of play when Ivanov scored to give his team the early 1:0 lead. Belgium now had to work its way into the game, which the team did. The fans got to see an even match-up in which both sides struggled to create real chances. It took until the 26th minute of play for the fans to see another goal when Egorov extended the Russians’ lead to 2:0. Three minutes later, referee Jung awarded the Russians a penalty kick following a Belgian foul. Tikhonov, however, failed to convert the PK missing the target to the right.  For the remainder of the time, Belgium focused on defense to prevent another blowout as they had experienced in previous games. So the final whistle blew and the score had remained 2:0.

Russia: Kirill Pechenin, Andrei Tikhonov, Alexey Loktinov, Denis Egorov, Evgenii Ivanov, Vasilii Nikolaev, Evgenii Shelaev, Sergey Manzhos, Nikita Egorov, Anton Iakovlev, Trainer: Aleksandr Erastov, Aleksandr Makhov

Belgium: Willian Secchi, Adrien Bonaert, Christoff Eiler, Said Salek, David Dortu, Alexandre Delré, Dorien Cornelis, Jean-Michel Bertinchamps, Alexandre Wespes, Kevin Vandersboght, Trainer: Eric Hallaert