The 76th ISTAF next Sunday (August 27, 2017) in Berlin’s Olympic stadium offers live commentary for blind and visually impaired people to share the thrill. Thanks to live commentary of Paul Beßler and Jochen Hoppe, no one will miss out on the action. Blind and visually impaired fans will be seated next to the press box in the upper tier. Tickets cost 9€ and include seating for a companion. Tickets and headphones for live commentary are exclusively bookable by phone:  030 301 11 86 66. Tickets are limited!

Two weeks after the World Championship in London, 180 pro athletes from all over the world will be competing at the ISTAF on Sunday in Berlin’s Olympic stadium. These include numerous world champions and medalists from London as well as German top athletes. This traditional meeting is their rehearsal for next year’s European Championship here in Germany. Tickets are sold on