France – Italy 7:0
Goals: Riviere (6.) Baron (15., 21., 24.) Labarre (23.) Arezki (24., 39.)

The first real chance came off the foot of French striker Baron in the 5th minute, but Italian goalie La Macchia saved it. Just a couple moments later, however, he had to fetch the ball out of the net after Riviere blasted a shot from distance – about 12 meters out which is highly unusual in blind soccer – into the bottom left corner to give his team the 1:0 lead. Baron added another goal before halftime when he scored in the 15th minute of action. We are not sure what exactly happened during France’s halftime speech but it worked; 4 minutes into the second half, the score had already tripled 6:0. Arezki scored once more in the last minute of play to finalise the result at 7:0.

France: Julien Royer, Valentin Le Bomin, Yvan Wouandji, David Labarre, Fabrice Morgado, Martin Baron, Gael Riviere, Hakim Arezki, Reromz Penisson, Trainer: Samir Gassama

Italy: Marco La Macchia, Jacopo Lilli, Paul Iyobo, Massimo D’Attolico, Francesco Cavallotto, Giuseppe Catarinella, Matteo Sistu, Nicola Mauro, Fabrizio D’Alassandro, Ludovico Ludovisi, Trainer / Guides: Mastrodomenico, Rossano;